Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Social Junky

A photo from my balcony -I have a balcony, yippee!!

I raise my glass to you guys.
How does one start when it’s been so long? Casually, as if it was yesterday the last time you wrote. You say your hellos and whistle seemingly relaxed. So hi everyone!! It’s been quite a time and I’m so happy to see so many newcomers. Thank you for joining me!
Before I say anything else, let me get out of my chest something that has been there for some time now. If you are a blogger and you want to write about artistic blocking, DON’T. I tell you, it’s a curse. It’s like vampires, if you invite them in then you’re screwed. The latest post I wrote was about writer’s bl-k (I shall never write that word again) and it took me 5 months to write a new one. See… cCuuUrsed.
On the other hand, it’s not as if I have been doing nothing all this time and just couldn’t find the inspiration to write. Oh no, I had my hands quite full with life itself. I won’t go into details, but I think it would be enough of an explanation if I said that I’ve moved back home. A renovation happened and of course, people are ‘happening’ all the time. You see I’m facing the same problems now that I’m in Athens, only in reverse. I had people’s problems in Liverpool because our friends were so few and social life was lousy. Now days, there are so many people around and they all come and go, almost every day. Even my mum’s pet, Armada, visits me every day; she’s an adorable and very well-behaved chiwawa with really big ears.
 At first I didn’t mind, still don’t to be honest, because I missed them all so very much and I know we will go away again, so I’m trying to fill the gaps. BUT, less and less time is left for painting, writing, taking a bubble bath, meditating over why the sky is blue or how come it is still warm and sunny, facebook, blogging, having a manicure or just biting my nails… getting the picture? At Liverpool, it was all so quiet. In Athens, is all so fussy. I think I’m going to suffer from an overdose…   nah, no one died from socializing too much, at least I don’t think so… (Have to check it out)
Cheers everyone!
Be well, be safe, be social maniacs; brings big smiles!


  1. Hello Konstantina:) I have thought about your post and have a solution to save some time: get a bubble bath. At the same time take the dog in the bath, look out the window to meditate about the beautiful weather, read at the same time a book, bite your nails (no manicure needed) and at the same time write on your blog and face book how much you enjoy what you are doing at that time (no photo's!).
    I'll bet you will have lots of time to paint:)


    1. LOL Renate!!! The very thought of it made me laugh really loud :)
      Though you have a point, it would be a solution of a short. Only, my little four-legged friend heartily hates baths and I have a feeling she would never pay a visit again if I take her with me... :)
      Thank you for visiting and commenting, you really lifted my spirit!

    2. At second thought: maybe you should take pictures and place them on your blog and facebook. Your followers will run away and you don't have to do blogging or facabook again. Tataataa, well you'll get the picture.
      Have a nice week!